23rd October 2021

Bulba, James Bulba

Bulba version 0.0.7 has just been released, which comes with one small fix, and two new features.

First off, the fix is to the date that appears on the index pages. They were notbub being accessed properly, and therefore resorted to the current date.

As for the features, Bulba now has support for header code injection, and code highlighting.

Header code injection

There are various use cases for injecting custom code into the header of your site, the main one being analytics snippets, or custom meta tags.

The way this works in Bulba is by creating a header.html file at the root of your blog. The content of this file will then be placed between the <head> tags on every page.

Code highlighting

Bulba now has the option to use highlight.js for code highlighting. Thhis can be enabled/disabled in the config file, by setting enableCodeHighlighting to true or false. If disabled, highlight.js will not be used or linked from your pages.

The styles used are atom-one-dark and atom-one-light depending on the system appearance.

Find Bulba on GitHub and NPM.