20th November 2021

Bulba Gains Search Functionality and Feed Improvements

Bulba has reached 0.1.0, and with it comes new search functionality on the archive page, and improvements to the generated feeds.

Search bar

Even though Bulba blogs are completely static, searching is still possible. And now there is search functionality on the archive page.

It works by filtering through the posts on the page, and because every blog post is included in the archive, the code can be rather simple.

The post list will automatically update as you type in the search bar, so no reloads are needed, or any external web requests at all.

To get an idea of how fast it is, check out the video:

However, for people that really don't like JavaScript, this feature can be enabled/disabled using the config property enableSearchOnArchivePage.

Feed Improvements

As for the feeds, previously Bulba would generate only a JSON Feed, but with this update, an RSS2 feed will also be generated and can be found at feed.xml.

Both feeds can now be configured to show a custom number of posts. This can be changed using the config property numberOfPostsInFeed, and defaults to 10.