5th November 2021

A Few More Updates to Bulba

After a small gap, I've been working on Bulba a bit more. I've made a few releases over the past 24 hours, each of them fairly minor, but since it's now at 0.0.10 I thought I'd write a quick overview here.

The first change was a fix for the padding on pre tags, which became more apparent since adding the code highlighting. The other two changes were to add a customisable accent colour, and also add support for images in blog posts.

Accent Colour

There's now a new option in the config.yaml file where you can specify a custom accent colour, which will be used to style elements such as links, headers, blockquotes, etc.

The new field is site.accentColour, and works with hex, HTML, and RGB formatted colours. The default value is red.

This colour is also used for the theme-color attribute which some browsers use to customise the appearance of the window.

Blog Post Images

Technically it's always been possible to add images to a blog post using Bulba, but now there's support for adding local images files and referencing them in blog posts.

Now, any files placed in the content/images/ directory of your blog, will be exported alongside your website assets under assets/images/ with the original structure.

For example, an image named screenshot.png with the following path:


will be copied to the following location, relative to the output directory:


The latter is the path required to reference an image in a blog post.

As a side note, Bulba is starting to feel like a "working" product. Just a few more tweaks and I think I'll be happy to bump it to 0.1.0.

After some more content enhancements, I want to focus on the experience of generating and deploying a site. Because I want to make it a solution for more than just people that know how to build websites.