21st February 2022

Started Working on a New App

An introduction to a new app I'm working on.

20th November 2021

Bulba Gains Search Functionality and Feed Improvements

New seach functionality and improvements to the feed with RSS2 support and configurable post limit.

13th November 2021

Working on Bulba

How I work on Bulba, track features, and manage releases.

5th November 2021

A Few More Updates to Bulba

A short overview of the latest changes in Bulba

23rd October 2021

Bulba, James Bulba

21st October 2021

Getting Started with Bulba

Information on getting started with Bulba and some notes on the latest release.

20th October 2021

Introduction to Bulba

An introduction to Bulba, my static site generator.

19th October 2021

Hello, World

The first public blog post using Bulba